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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Who am I, what is this?

Hello friend, visitor, future Lifehack Traveler! I'm Frederick Hines (aka Rick), owner of Lifehack Travel LLC and the Travel agent that you will or have been working with when planning your trips! If you are not aware I provide personalized travel research and booking assistance with vacation packages, hotels, cruises, and amusement parks to included Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World. The purpose of this initial article is to introduce you to the blog and let you know what my purpose is behind creating it.

I ask for your forgiveness in advance if this is not one of the best articles you have read.haha

“You cannot forgive just once, forgiveness is a daily practice.” ― Sonia Rumzi

The Future Trip Report

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr.  Seuss

Why a trip Report?

SO.....How did we get here, why am I making a blog? Why thank you for asking, and caring, being that you may be my first and only vistor...haha, but I thank you in advance. The purpose of this blog, or the trip report, is to provide my visitors and clients a little more context and insight into some of the things I do during trips I plan for me and my family. I think it is only right to share things that really stood out to me, what I enjoyed, and what I did not enjoy on my trip.

I plan on keeping these pretty detailed and concise, and limit them to a 3- 5 minute read if possible. I mean...I KNOW you have more important things to do than reading my articles all day (big smile). For those who love reading, I hope it meets your expectations and you enjoy the future reports as well.

Wrap it Up!

I am hoping the information that I provide in the future trips reports will be beneficial and be an aide to help you get the most out of some of the destinations you plan to visit.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this article, and I look forward to getting your feedback as I "Fine Tune" my future posts to be the best they can be (another smile for the gram aka Instagram)!

Welcome to Lifehack Travel-- Your shortcut to Amazing Travel Experiences. Until next time Life Hack Travelers!!! I'm out!

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