How does Lifehack Travel Work?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

How does this Lifehack Travel "Thing" work?

This may seem pretty obvious to some, but I have been asked the questions a few times of how this whole "thing" aka the travel agent aspect of travel works. My aim in this article is to breakdown a few key aspects of how we navigate from your request to quotes to payments.

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The Process Unfolded

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Your Request!

During this stage, you may have discovered Lifehack Travel by coming across one of social media channels, referred by a friend, or met some who is travel agent (hopefully me) in person and decided you would like to me look into a specific trip or provide a travel recommendation for a certain time period. There will be some initial discussion between us via phone, social media, or in-person (in Tampa Region) to get an understanding of what you are looking to get out of the trip. In addition, to other important information pertaining to you in the trip such as:

- The purpose of the Trip

- Contact Details

- Type of travel (Cruise, vacation, or amusement parks)

- Number of Travelers

- Budget

- Departure and Destination (if known)

*There are also forms located on the homepage to simplify the submission of this information.

This information gives me the basic details necessary to find the perfect vacation at the perfect price for you and your family and/or friends.

The Quote!

Based on the information I have obtained from your request, I will research through a variety of our vendors for some of the best rates available and provide you with a travel or cruise quote from Lifehack Travel no later than 72 hrs later (if its a large group, I may request another day or so depending on the travel). Most quotes will consist of the following:

- Flight vendor and departure and arrival times

- Name of hotels (minimal of 3 options..lowest, Middle/recommended, highest cost)

- Transportation if required (rental, or round trip airfare to and from the hotel)

- Travel Insurance (to cancel anytime, and take advantage of down payment options)

We (me and you) will then discuss the options that best suits you and your crew! We may also make small tweaks, and add an excursion or two to ensure the trip meets/exceeds your expectations.

The Payment!

Now that we have your ideal trip identified and have added any discounts that I (aka Lifehack Travel) is providing at the time, its time to make "The payment". There are a few ways to submit a payment for your trip.

1. You before making a payment, you will be required to e-sign a credit card authorization form acknowledging you are giving Lifehack Travel permission to charge your card for the pre-discussed amount. This is also one of a few different ways we protect you and us against fraud. The form also requires your signature if you choose not to use trip insurance.

2. You can make a payment over the phone. You will provide the information and I will input it into the vendors' system to make the charge for the vacation.

3. I can provide a payment link (if supported by the vendor). Once I have all your basic details entered into the system, Lifehack Travel will email out the payment link to the email you provided.

* If you purchased trip insurance, you are eligible for monthly payments on a vacation package, and will only be required to submit a deposit. I will craft a payment schedule to ensure you finish your payments in time for your trip.

We will repeat the options above until trip is paid in full. I promise this is much simpler than it sounds. haha

That pretty much sums it up! You make the request, I provide the quote and make any necessary adjustments, and finally, you make the payment(s). I know this article was a bit on the dry side, but I hope you found it helpful, and if you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment, or contact us.

Until next time!

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